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There Are Benefits

Producing porn does attract attention.  Socially… in everyday life… at the supermarket, laundromat, even in bars, the reaction tends to be negative. Then… Every once in a while you’ll run into a woman (me being a man) who possesses a “guy’s sensibilities”.  That is to say, a woman who’s comfortable with her appetites, without pretense. […]

Girlfriends… and Producing Porn. A REAL LIFE Lesson…lol – Chloe Attacks Maya brought to you by – Chloe Attacks Maya brought to you by PornHub Watching this had me LAUGHING SO DAMN HARD!!! Obviously, it ISN’T our work, but I consider it a great  example of why us porn guys should be VERY WARY of mixing our professional and personal lives. […]

Our Ladies of May…

Although we’re working in earnest towards this fall’s launch of both Girl 2 Point 0 & Her Confessional, I’d be remiss in not giving you guys a heads up on the 2 beauties we’ll be shooting for Cigar Vixens next month.   Although a relative newcomer, Adriana Avalon has Come On Strong with BBW, Hardcore […]

Dixie’s LIVE Broadcast Confession

As seen by our first ever LIVE broadcast audience… Enjoy! Max

Dixie Was SMOKIN… with a Cohiba Black Robusto Crystal

  As mentioned in a recent post, earlier this week we shot with Dixie Comet, for our Cigar Vixens site. Fellas… this lady was such a joy to work with, and had no problem grasping the concept of the shoot. We did a retro/pin up theme, and Dixie wore a period gartered girdle, foundation bra, […]

Cigars… and MORE…

If you’ve spent time here, you know that the enjoyment of cigars, both personally & professionally is a major motivating factor in my life…};-)> Well… we here at the studio have been working diligently on developing two new sites to add to our portfolio. Girl 2 Point 0 will bring you the Absolute Finest, Most […]

Wardrobe, Props & CoStars…

                for our  next Cigar Vixens shoot, staring Dixie Comet. She’ll be wearing a Classic Tammany Bowler, along with retro/foundation lingerie, while enjoying a Cohiba Black Toro Robusto Crystal and herself in a luxury hotel suite. Keep an eye out in the next few weeks for previews, and […]

Oh My… We Did It… AGAIN…

And Kristyna Dark was our accomplice… Need I say more? Max

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