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Cigar Vixens Holiday Weekend 2 Fer SALE!!!

In Honor of the Independence Day Holiday Weekend, anyone joining Cigar Vixens from July 1st. through july 4th. will have an EXTRA MONTH ADDED TO THEIR MEMBERSHIP! That’s 2 Months for The Price Of 1! Let Our SMOKIN BABES Not Only Provide The FIREWORKS This Holiday Weekend, but Spend The Rest Of This Summer Keeping […]

What I’m Smoking… 6/17/11

I realize I’ve been laying off the posting a bit, but hey it’s SUMMER, and Jes & I have been caught up in enjoying the beautiful weather. Anyhow, this week I picked up these Carlos Torano Signature Collection Robustos & Vudu Toros.  Actually, I also ordered a Lauderdale End Table humidor that’s being delivered on […]

Sandra Returns…

About a month ago I shared a video email from this lovely lady, Sandra London, who among other things publishes To Live and Grind in LA. Well… I talked her into sharing a bit of something that was shot a few months back including Lily Cade, as the wench buccaneer…};-)  Here it is, On Video. […]

Jes & I Are Expecting A Lot Of Company This Summer…

So I just picked up this Stinky Cigar Mini Herf 8 stick ashtray. Although in the photo above on my desk it’s pictured cradling a Monte Robusto Grande, I actually Christened it a bit later by enjoying a Siglo VI Turbo. Enjoy! Max

Jes’ Cameo with Julie Simone

Jes appears with the legendary Julie Simone at Cigar Vixens.  What more needs to be said…  WATCH!!! Enjoy! Max

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