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Good Luck Lola… We’ll Miss You!

Popular fetish/adult model Lola Lynn recently announced her retirement. We were fortunate to have shot with her numerous times over the past couple of years, and Wish Her All The Best in her future endeavors. I hope you’ll enjoy this peak of her, from our archives, enjoying a CAO Soprano Boss… Max

What I’m Smoking… 4/29/11

A Montecristo Reserva Negra Belicoso… Enjoy! Max

I’m a Capitalist… NOT a Nazi

                    Considering all the uproar caused prior to our Nazi SS themed shoot, featuring fetish model MoRina this past winter, I wasn’t at all surprised that in less than a week after it’s update being posted on Cigar Vixens the site’s membership “SKYROCKETED” by 37%.  In […]

My Girl’s Sister…

Jes’ sister bought & shipped this Dominican sampler to her while on vacation. WHAT A FAMILY!!! Enjoy! Max

What I’m Smoking… 4/26/11

Actually, this time it’s what Jes is smoking…  A Ramon Allones Brioso. Enjoy! Max

My Inbox

Received earlier today… Ever consider doing a film,semi-legit film, about a Sadist and friends who gets revenge for people when they get fucked over and the justice system won’t or can’t help ?Kind of like a kinky “A-Team”. Master Edward The below correspondence followed… Me: Would you invest? Him: Would be in it. Me: George […]

What I’m Smoking… Easter Sunday

A CAO Brazilia Gol.  And yes, I’m a pornographer who has my baby pictures (among other things) hanging on my office walls…lol   Enjoy! Max

Trucking On Into SPRING!

I realize it’s officially been Spring for weeks now, but Easter weekend, getting past Easter weekend always makes Spring “REAL” for me. I’m reminded of this shoot we did during the dog days of last July with  Hard Bodied Hotty, Mandy K.  I arranged for Rocky, a trucker friend of mine, to hook up with […]

What I’m smoking… 4/23/11

This box of Acid Nefastos has been sitting in my humidor a little over a month now.  I’m going to take advantage of this beautiful day to go outside to enjoy one of these uniquely blended/infused sticks in the fresh spring air… Enjoy! Max

A Maxx of a BLOOPER

While doing some server housekeeping, I came across the below linked outtake video from a shoot we did with Hard Bodied Fitness/Fetish model Diana Love last year in Philadelphia. Diana not once, but TWICE, set off the detector in our smoking suite, while enjoying an Alec Bradley Max Freak in more ways than one…};-) Enjoy! Max […]

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